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Prose Study: Broken April

By Ismail Kadare Introduction The Charter of Paris for a New Europe (also known as the Paris Charter) was signed in 1990 by 34 participating nations – including every European country except Albania. This powerful novel reveals that Albania remained a closed country, haunted by the ghosts of […]

Prose Study: The Bloody Chamber

by Margaret Atwood Introduction Published in 1979, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories retells classic fairy tales in a disturbing, blood-tinged, explicit way. Angela Carter revises Sleeping Beauty, for example, from an adult, twentieth-century perspective. You might think that fairy tales are the sorts of stories to read to […]

Prose Study: Nervous Conditions

by Tsitsi Dangarembga Introduction Tambu, an adolescent living in colonial Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) of the ’60s, seizes the opportunity to leave her rural community to study at the missionary school run by her wealthy, British-educated uncle. Like many heroes, Tambu, in addition to excelling at her studies, slowly […]