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The Mystery of the Disappearing Bees

Unseen Text: The Silence of the Bees Text Type: Scientific Article Guiding Question: How does this text both interest and inform the reader? In recent years, the category of general interest scientific writing has exploded in both quality and quantity. Fuelled by charismatic scientists – who also happen […]

Telling the Time

Unseen Text: A Question of Time Text Type: Scientific Article – Information Text Guiding Question: In what ways does the use of language in this article help to interest and entertain the reader? This text was provided by the IB as an example of what kind of writing […]


Unseen Text: Arcadia Text Type: Advertisement Guiding Question: How does the text try to engage the reader’s interest in ‘Arcadia’? While Paper 1 is not a formal essay ( you only have 1 hour and 15 minutes to compose your answer), you are still required to organise your response. In fact, […]

Further Education

Unseen Text: We Are Humber Text Type: Recruitment Poster Guiding Question: How do formal features of layout, visuals and copy combine to persuade the audience in this campaign? Persuasion in one form or another is an element of many mass media texts. You may find yourself studying all kinds of texts […]

Return to Oz

Unseen Text: Tiktok and the Nome King Text Type: Children’s Story Guiding Question: In what ways is this text designed to appeal to a young audience? Less a text type, and more a category of writing, texts which appeal to children might appear in Paper 1. Whether a website with […]

A Brush with Celebrity

Unseen Text: Big Brother Winner Text Type: Tabloid Interview Guiding Question: Analyse both the questions and the answers in this interview to show how Ben is presented and how he presents himself. When preparing for Paper 1, you are encouraged to explore as many different text types as possible; nevertheless, […]

Self Help Guide

Unseen Text: Aggressiveness and Readiness Gestures Text Type: Self-Help Guide Guiding Question: How does the author of the text reveal his purpose and the values that are important to him? The ability to be a critical and independent thinker is highly prized by the IBDP. Attributes such as ‘inquirer,’ ‘thinker’ and […]

Tasmanian Caves

Unseen Text: Enter Tasmania’s Labyrinth Text Type: Travel Writing – Guidebook – Advertisement Guiding Question: In what ways does the interplay between image, layout and language help the guide to achieve its purpose?  Travel writing in different forms is a relatively popular text type that you might encounter. […]

Hot or Not?

Unseen Text: Climate Change Text Type: Comic Strip Guiding Question: How does the relationship between image and text support the writer’s argument? In many ways, the Language and Literature course relates more closely to Theory of Knowledge than any other subject. This text has a definite ToK feel […]

The Smith Family Appeal

Unseen Text: The Smith Family Text Type: Charity Appeal – Advertisement Guiding Question: How do features such as layout, fonts and visuals help support the argument? Charity appeals are a sub-genre of advertising and, as such, you can easily transfer your learning about advertising techniques – especially persuasive […]