Category: Changing English

The Future of English

English has become so widespread, and is so frequently used as a method of communication between speakers of different languages (a lingua franca) and for global networking. Some see a future in which English becomes even more dominant – but others suggest a change in the position of English.

Transforming Technologies

Linguistic Economy can be defined as being economical with words/characters/phonemes. It basically means that you can convey meaning using fewer words – so why not do it?! Linguistic economy has become necessary in modern days due to our desire to be more concise and quick in our communications, particularly due to new communication technology.

Proper English?

From the first time we step into an English class, we’re told that the rules matter, that they must be followed, that we must know when it’s appropriate to use a comma and what it means to employ the subjunctive mood. But do these things really matter? Outside of the classroom, what difference does it make if we write “who” instead of “whom” or say “good” instead of “well”? In this section we’ll find out that in the real world it does make a difference.